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5 Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals

It's only February and you may have already lost motivation on your new year resolutions and goals. Don’t worry because you are not alone and most importantly, it is not too late . A study by Scranton University found that only 8% of those who set new year goals actually achieve them, meaning 92% who set new year goals fail. So why is it so hard to stick to our new year’s resolutions? Let’s discuss the top 5 obstacles and how to overcome them.

One of the biggest reasons people do not achieve their goals is because people do not truly understand “why” they want to achieve them. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs it is typically not just the weight loss that is your goal. You probably want to feel better, have more energy, gain more confidence, increase your athletic performance or just look better in your clothes. Understanding the underlying reasons why you want to achieve something will help you push through when things get tough or you are discouraged.

The next reason people are not successful is they do not write down their goals. Writing your goal increases accountability but you can’t just stop there. You also need a strategy to achieve them. This requires breaking down large goals into small actionable steps that are manageable. During this process you want to address the What, Why, and How.


What- goal desired focusing on the end result

Why- underlying motivation and why do you want to achieve it

How- break down into small manageable steps and consistent actions


The third reason people get derailed is because they do not plan for obstacles. Think back into last year. What held you back? How do you plan to overcome that this year? Most people state time is a key obstacle. In our busy lives today it seems time is one of our most precious resources. However, I challenge you to look at the average day and be honest with the time wasters that are the real issue. There are some tools that can help. Set up the screen time tracker on your phone to tell you how you are spending your time. We all know how it easy it is to get sucked into scrolling FB or IG. How about how much time you watch tv? While We don’t want to cut out simple pleasures, we want to reallocate some of that time to the important things that will add true value to your life.

The fourth reason people fail at their goals as they overestimate the time they will commit. So how much time are you willing to commit to your goals? This is where you need to be very realistic with yourself. Small, consistent steps will get your further than massive action that takes you 2 steps forward then you get overwhelmed and take 3 steps back. Establish your “bare minimum “ that you can consistently achieve and still meet your timeline. Remember to regularly celebrate your successes and the progress you are making. Write a list of rewards for when you meet key steps. This will give you something to look forward to and help push through the challenges.

Lastly, you need a support system when you are making big changes and tackling big goals. This could be a friend to cheer you along, a partner in crime that is working on the same goals, or a coach/mentor to help you overcome unexpected challenges. While it can be scary to share your biggest goals with others, it also increases accountability and can help you find support you didn’t even know you needed.

Ultimately, the more time you invest in planning your goals the more committed you will be at achieving them. It is never too late to set goals so don’t wait for another year to pass. Start writing those goals now and make those dreams a reality.

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